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Hex Brass Nuts Full Nuts DIN 934 Bronze Nuts



We are one of the leading producers of a wide medley of Brass nuts and Bronze Nuts to different international standards including DIN 934 DIN 439 ISO 4032 etc. Our Brass Full nuts and hex nuts are machined on high speed CNC lathes using impeccable quality Brass hexagonal rods and bars.


  • Corrosion resistant due to high Copper Brass
  • Threads Go and Not Go maintained on plug gauges
  • Brass Hex nuts from 2mm to 50mm metric nuts
  • CDA 360 and CZ 121 BS 2874 grade Brass, Even DZR Brass nuts offered
  • Bronze Hex nuts Bronze machined nuts also available
  • Brass Lock nuts cap nuts from 2mm - 40mm