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Brass Terminals Electrical Terminals

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We are a top producers and suppliers of all kinds of BRASS TERMINALS and ELECTRICAL TERMINAL BLOCKS from India.We have our own Brass extrusion plant and can draw various sections and profiles needed for manufacturing of Brass terminals and terminal blocks. We serve various electrical industries like switchgears, relays, enclosures, distribution boards, switchboards,fusegear etc. We offer 25 Ampere, 35 ampere, 50 ampere connectors and terminals.

  • All terminals and electrical connectors made from high grade CDA 360 Brass alloys
  • Neutral Links Terminal bars neutral bars and earthing terminals  for switches offered
  • PCB terminal Blocks electrical grade terminals  Connecting Copper and Brass terminals
  • All terminals are threaded with Go and NO Go threads and screwed with Steel or Brass Screws
  • Brass Switchgear Panel Board Fittings Accessories Brass HRC Fuse contacts
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